First Aid Kits - What should a first-aid box in the workplace contain?

There is no mandatory list of contents for first-aid boxes and HSE does not 'approve' or endorse particular products. Deciding what to include should be based on an employer's assessment of first-aid needs. As a guide, where work activities involve low hazards, a minimum stock of first-aid items might be:

HSE Recommended First Aid Kit

  • leaflet giving general guidance on first aid, eg HSE's leaflet: Basic advice on first aid at work.
  • 20 individually wrapped sterile plasters (assorted sizes), appropriate to the type of work (you can provide hypoallergenic plasters, if necessary).
  • two sterile eye pads.
  • four individually wrapped triangular bandages, preferably sterile.
  • six safety pins; · two large, individually wrapped, sterile, unmedicated wound dressings.
  • six medium-sized, individually wrapped, sterile, unmedicated wound dressings.
  • a pair of disposable gloves, see HSE's free leaflet: Latex and you. Recommends BS8599-1 - Small Workplace Kit in Green Box

Small Kit (For Low hazard less than 25 persons & High hazard less than 5 persons).

BS8599-1 Small Workplace Kit in Green Box Contents

  • 1 Burn Relief dressing
  • 40 Wash proof Assorted Plasters
  • 2 Eye pad with bandage sterile
  • 1 Foil Blanket Adult
  • 1 Large HSE Dressing 18cmx18cm Sterile
  • 4 Medium HSE Dressing 12cm x12cm Sterile
  • 6 Gloves Nitrile Pairs
  • 1 Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation Face Mask
  • 2 Finger Dressing
  • 1 First Aid Guide Leaflet
  • 1 Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x4cm
  • 1 Micro porous Tape 2.5cm x10m
  • 20 Wipes Moist Cleansing
  • 6 Pins Safety
  • 2 Triangular bandage Single use 90cm x127cm
  • 1 Shears Small 6”

It is recommended that you don't keep tablets and medicines in the first-aid box.

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